5 Best WordPress Plugins to Beat Google Panda in 2014

Google Panda is an update that has been out for quite a while now. Still, there are people who are still falling foul of it, which is why programmers have made up a few WordPress plugins to beat Google Panda in 2014. Bloggers got hit by Panda owing to their mistakes in terms of content, SEO strategies, backlinks etc. If you are keen on getting traffic to your blog and want to regain your blog status, there is no other go than making your blog Panda love blog.

Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Beat Google Panda in 2014

Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Beat Google Panda in 2014

There are certain WordPress plug-in that come in handy to work and fix your content. These are handy to make your blog innovative, new, virgin and unique information that satisfies the Panda easily. Be aware the fact that it is not easy to fool the Panda. Improving your own standards and making each post fresh to be better than the others is the only way to make it a Google eye candy.

Of course, making a panda recovered blog is not an easy task, it requires time, and you need to work overtime. However, it is not rocket-science as well. By understanding the basic concepts, you can make it and can beat google panda.

Some of the reasons for which your site could be hit by Panda update include:

  • Duplicate content
  • Spelling errors and grammar mistakes
  • Low quality content
  • inappropriate SEO strategies
  • Over optimization.

It is important to fix the reasons to get rid of Google Panda nightmare and beat google panda. I fixed the reasons:

  • weak On-Page optimization
  • weak internal links and broken links
  • having grammatical errors
  • Not employing Social media and bookmarking sites properly

I want to share the way in which I got rid of Panda’s clutches. WordPress Plug-ins helps me to overcome these issues and the excellent part is that these are free plug-ins.  So, now lets  start our list of Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Beat Google Panda in No Time  and start using some of them .

Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Beat Google Panda in 2014

So, now lets start our list of Top 5 Best WordPress Plugins to Beat Google Panda in No Time and start using some of them. Just search for these plugins on wordpress.org plugin directory

1) SEO Search Terms Tagging 2

This is rather an advanced tool because it looks for the keywords and the tags that helped you to get your page hits. It then tags your other posts with the most successful keywords. It is handy if you have inferior content that is not really up to the job, as you can still tag it with powerful keywords. The only problem is that if you use this plugin too much then there is a risk of a penalty for over optimization. You can download the plugin here.

2) Broken Link Checker

Broken links are not very search engine friendly and they can affect the search engine friendliness of your blog if there are too many of them. You can use this plugin to identify your broken links, which may be very handy if you have been adding links to websites that have now disappeared. It is also a big help if there are pages in your website or your blog that have been removed.

It also detects things such as missing images and it is possible to have it email you when things break down. You can filter the tool to help you search, and you can edit your links right from the tool dashboard so you do not have to go to the page and mess around fixing it manually. So, I personally recommend you to download Broken Link Checker & install it into your dashboard.

3) Admin Word Count Column

You can check the word count of every page with this tool. It gives you an admin manager that allows you to monitor things such as your word count, since the Google Panda update doesn’t like it if your pages are a little empty or your blog posts are a little lacking in substance.

The plugin has been updated a few times, so that you may now export data to spreadsheets or even use them in your blog posts. Check back with the plugin to see what updates are coming next. Click here to download. 

4) WordPress SEO by Yoast

Yoast are known in the WordPress world for their SEO, and they are able to cover a lot of ground that other tools miss. They point out a lot of the on-page factors that are not really difficult but they are easy to forget or overlook. There are even times when you forget to add keywords to your title, so this SEO tool helps you in an all round way to improve the search engine ranking of your website. You can download SEO by Yoast from here.

5) Meta Robots WordPress Plug-in

Your Meta tags are a part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and many people forget them. Others feel that they do not contribute enough to the SEO of a page to matter, and other people just get bored with doing them. It is a boring task and if you have a lot of web pages then it is understandable if you get bored of doing them. That is where this plugin comes in to help.

It helps you to add in your Meta data into your website. It is handy tool for reminding you that low quality content is going to get you punished by Google, so it helps you out on that side of things too.

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Awesome write up.
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