Download Youtube Videos without any software or plugin!

People are always asking me, since i do a lot on youtube, and i help show people how to make money on youtube, etc… ‘is there an easy way of downloading youtube videos without any special software?’, because as you may know, those softwares always give you trouble with some videos, and sometimes stop working all together… people are even selling software that has been shared here, to download youtube videos and most of them no longer work either

now there are a few ways to download any youtube video without software, today, i am going to share the easiest way!

Step 1. When on YouTube, open the video that you want to download

Step 2. Now you have to make a small change in video url [Replace “www.” to “ss”] please note: there is NO DOT! you can also leave the “www.” and just add ss before the youtube of any video, so you do not have even have to copy and paste

Step 3. For example : Hitch-Hike (1977) – Franco Nero, Corinne Cléry & David Hess

Change the link to:


Step 4. After that it will redirect to a new site:


Step 5. In that site, you have options to choose the format of the video like mp4, 3gp, flv. just wait for the image and description of the video appear, takes a second, then to the right you are give options for the format of the video you want to download, it may often says ‘more’ just click there for all the download options

Step 6. Finally sellect your format and download your video directly……

Download Youtube Videos without any software or plugin

Click to choose the format of the video for downloading

Please note – It also works in mobile too.

Step 7. If you get any kind of error or warning just click it again, or click ignore, etc… sometimes, rarely, you get a bogus error or warning, like ‘no file’

Step 8. You can do it all so fast, much faster than reading this!

If you like this tip and feel it’s helpful with someone, please share it! Thanks.

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