4 Heartbreaking Truth of Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting means a small package in a big server where many websites run and use resources together. This is the most basic choice and common to deploy of small and medium websites because of quite cheap price, easy to use, no need self-management and configuration, such as some famous shared hosting suppliers in the world as Hostgator, Bluehost, Justhost, … so on.

Many people doubt the quality of Shared Hosting because of cheap price. Actually, though it carries an attractive price but in my opinion, it is the best solution, safest and most economical to deploy a medium website with starters. Simply just go to their homepage, register one hosting package and then immediately get account info after less than 30 minutes. If your website is not necessary to use more bandwidth or disk space, this is a very reasonable choice.

However, you should also know that it also has a lot of shortcomings around quality as in the ad words of the providers. If you do not want to spend more than $10 per month to use the VPS hosting package or higher as Dedicated Servers, you can accept the problem is difficult to say, but also will never admit when you know 4 things to know about Shared Hosting below.

1. Unlimited means the Limited

3 best current Shared Hosting providers almost allow use unlimited disk space and bandwidth. If thinking in a normal way, that means you can store unlimited files on your hosting, unlimited visitors, not bother at all.

But please think more, a powerful server system can withstand how many websites use “unlimited” resources on it? The fact is this number must be millions of different websites with the famous providers. Of course, the server is just the machine, it have limit.

They allow you to use unlimited resources but they didn’t mention a few things, such as the number limit of files, CPU Load, or even is Database size, the MySQL query limit. In this case, how do you use the so-called “unlimited” in the grip of their, maybe you don’t have the opportunity to use 10% of the resources in your hosting package.

So if you are looking for a “unlimited” hosting (literally), forget it! But if your website hits have less 5,000 traffic per day, the vendors mentioned above are very good for you to use.

2. Status “Death Together”

You will be affected if one of thousands websites on the same server have the problem. Using shared hosting is the same living in a condominium, if 1 unlucky apartment of that condominium caught fire, it will endanger the other apartments. For example: using exceed the resource limit or DDOS.

About security issue, although the leading shared hosting suppliers always provide security mechanisms very well and malicious code rarely exist on their server, but with the poor quality providers than maybe it happen daily.

3. The nuisance from the “neighbors”

The best hosting suppliers will request you to upgrade to higher package or move to another provider to avoid affecting other websites. But the small suppliers are not. They never want lose the customer so they will overcome by all ways. For example: if 1 site is under DDoS attack, the technicians will turn on firewall or set limits to make difficult for visitors.

4. There may be discriminatory

When your website have the problem which affect other websites, the good hosting provider will inform you a ticket and wait you to solve in 24 hours. The bad hosting suppliers maybe suspend your website, even your account without prior notice. They maybe send you the backup files and ask you move to another provider but you may be also get the answer “Your data may be infected with malicious code and we have permanently deleted it from the server to ensure security” or like “The system delete permanently the doubting data automatically”. So please select the reputation and quality shared hosting vendors.

Don’t depend too much on Shared Hosting

In this article i don’t recommend you to stop using shared hosting but just to show you the downside of it that you need to know to be able to ponder before choose a suitable shared hosting package.

If you have a small or medium website, use shared hosting of reputable and leading quality providers. Though its price is not higher much than the other vendors now, maybe even cheaper. By using shared hosting there, you’ll get the best support and rarely have trouble issues related to security.

Hopefully with some basic experience will help you be a little more understanding of shared hosting and help you carefully consider before choosing to use a shared hosting provider. If you are required to answer questions related to shared hosting, then immediately send questions in this article, I will try to answer for you.

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